Services We Provide
Waiting or Loading Time: There is no charge for the first 10 minutes.  $ 5
per additional 10 minute increment.

After Hours: There is a 50 % surcharge to our deliveries between 6 PM
and 7 AM.

Weekends and Holidays:  There is a 100% surcharge for deliveries made
on Holidays or Weekends.

Manual Loading or Unloading: There is a .10 cent per pound fee added
for deliveries that require manual loading or unloading.  This charge only
applies for packages of  50 pounds or greater and when a pallet jack or
dolly can't be utilized to load or unload.  This charge does not apply for
Dock to Dock deliveries.
Delivery Service Inc.
  • Custom Delivery Service
We provide a unique plan for your transportation needs.  We will customize a delivery
system that is right for your company requirements and budget.

  • Scheduled Delivery Service
Plan pickups and deliveries at a scheduled time or date.  Provide us with a 3 day
advance notice on your shipping needs and we will provide you with significant

  • Next Day Delivery Service
Place your request by 5 : PM we will deliver your package the next day by 5: PM .

  • Same Day Delivery Service
Place your request by 12 : PM we will deliver your package the same day by 5: PM .

  • Emergency Delivery Service
We will pickup and deliver your package within 2-4 hours from the time your shipment
is ready.
Additional Services